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SvirPellets - one of the biggest pellet plants in the North-West of Russia

Svir Pellets LLC is located in Podporozhye in the North-East of the Leningrad region, 265 km from Saint-Petersburg on the border with the Republic of Karelia and Vologda region.
The main activity of our company is a professional production of wood fuel granules (pellets). In 2008 a plant with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year was launched. From that time the company is one of leaders among the largest Russian producers and exporters of wood pellets.
The company's products have all international certificates and complies with European and Russian standards of quality. The geography of deliveries of Svir Pellets includes most of the countries of Western and Central Europe, Scandinavia and the Russian domestic market. In 2013 we were the first in the North-West of Russia who began shipments of pellets to South Korea.
Calorific value ca. 4,9 kW\h per kg
Bulk density not less than 600 kg/m3
Diameter6 - 8 mm.
Length5 - 40 mm.
Total moisture as received max 10%
Ash as received max 0,7 %
Melting ashes not less than 1200 Сo
Moisture content 10%

Description of pellets

Raw materials (sawdust, bark, etc.) enters the crusher where it is crushed to flour. The recieved mass enters the dryer then to the pellet-press, where the wood flour is compressed into pellets. Compression during pressing increases the temperature of the material, the lignin, contained in the wood softens and bonds the particles into a tight cylinder. The production of one ton of pellets takes about 2.3 -2.6 cubic meters of wood waste, plus 0.6 cubic meters of sawdust are burned, for each ton of produced products. When the ready-made pellets are cooled, they are packed in various packaging – from small packages (2-20 kg) to big bags (large industrial packaging) weighing 1 ton- or delivered to the customer in bulk.

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Address: 187780, Russia, Leningrad region, Podporozhye, Fizkulturnaya 34 sales department

General director
Alexander Gorshkov

Executive Director
Ivanov Ivan

Sales department:
Теl: +7(921)599-51-11

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